I am now offering mentoring for 2015.  As photography is not my main business ( I own this other company that keeps me running in circles all day called Camera Chick) my in person mentor session will be limited to max of 6 a year, however the online sessions I can accommodate all year round and even during the week as well.

As you know by being on this page – I have a very quirky style which you can see the gallery.  Its not the clean cut, seen it before, stick them in long grass with back lighting pixie images offered by some pet photographers these days.  So please only contact me if you are ready to separate yourself from the pack and have no intention of comparing yourself with others. Its time for you to break out of the box and photograph the way you really want to – not how you think you have to or just to learn how to take really cool images of your pets.

I am an accredited professional photographer with the AIPP and there only a few of us in the country that do pet photography. I am humbled and honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people who are so willing to share information and help you progress in any way and that is what Ill pass onto you and to help take you to your next step what ever that is.

Due to the nature of the business we are in, mentoring sessions are not available to anyone from the Illawarra/South Coast or Southern Highlands area ( cos thats my turf!)





Online mentoring via Skype

you will have my undivided attention where we can talk online about anything from camera setting to handling.  Im happy to do reviews on your work, talk about how I do things including how some of my work was shot and edited. Where needed Ill do a private video for you to go further into depth with what we have talked about online.  So really – the skies the limit.

The cost for online mentoring is $100 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour and a max of 2.The second hour will be charged in 15 min increments and is available worldwide.  Private follow up videos will be charged at $30 which will include shooting and upload to vimeo with a password.  I want you to grow so will do what ever I need to to help you.  A deposit of $50 will be required at the time of booking with the balance for the first hour due before the session. Then Ill send an invoice afterwards for any additional time over the initial 1 hour.



In person mentoring

you get to rock up to our beautiful 5 acre property at the base of Kangaroo Valley ( South Coast of NSW).  Here we will sit down one on one and get you on the way to being – well you – in your own style and the one you didnt know you wanted/were capable of.  The session will include camera talk, shooting with some dog handling and then finish with an editing session.  We can even head indoors to our spacious studio that is separate from our house and nestled on the edge of a billabong filled with water lillies and geese.  It really is a photographers Nirvanah and anything is possible here:)

We wont do what others do and get unknown models in where you are unable to really relax with an owner around that you dont know and keep going until you get what you need.  We have a barrage of dogs (6 with 4 of them rescues) and we have a dog for every level from the easy to the hard to photograph.  We have the rock solid sit down dog with short hair to the long hair over the eyes ( the type you never get offered for mentoring cos they are hard to do) that has no idea on how to sit still to the super sonic launcher into the dam for the mid air action shots.  You will be relaxed and will be able to take all the time in the world with no pressure from unknown dog owners.  Just you & me and some super cute hounds.

The cost for in person mentoring is $550 for 4 hours at our location with a $100 deposit required at time of booking and the balance due 7 days before the date. Or you can bring a friend for an additional $200 which works out at $375 each.  If you cant get to my place we can always talk about me getting to you as I am happy to travel for small groups.  Just ask

Farm Stay

If your up for the ultimate experience then this might be the go for you.  You get to arrive at our place at 2.00 pm and stay until 10 am the following day.  You get everything from the in person mentoring above -but you dont have to leave and can pick my brains until the cows wake you!  literally.  That gives us lots of extra time to photograph just about any animal on the place including chickens, ponies and the goose!  The farm stay includes accommodation in the caravan ( its nice – trust me), afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast ( farm fresh eggs and bacon and coffee to die for) and then in the morning we get to see new light and settings so the opportunities are endless.  If your really game in the morning we can head to the greyhound race track to really test your skills. Plus – you may even get to have Toby on your bed all night long so that alone is an experience to behold.

The cost for the ultimate Farm Stay is $1000 and is available for one person only ( sorry – no sharing) .  Farm stays are best booked for Saturday afternoon nights to depart on Sunday’s

The limited availability for in person mentoring/Farm stays for 2015 is as follows


April 15 – Booked out

May 15  – Booked out

August 15 – 1 spot

Sept 15 – 1 spot


Interested in any of the above ?  The just drop me a line and we can talk about what will work for you.  We will also have a travel page coming soon and if we get enough interest in your area then we can make it happen.  If that interests you then just drop me a line for your area and when we get enough interest then we will plan something for you.  Anything is possible.