Let me guess, you want some photos taken but when I ask you where would you like to go – you draw a blank cos you havn’t thought that far ahead.  Don’t worry – happens to 99% of our clients which is why we offer our beautiful property called “Wellaway” completely at your disposal.  You rock up, get some cool memories, then head on your way to your next adventure and you havn’t had to spend hours trying to figure out where you want to go. Its large, its private and its free to our clients.


“Wellaway” is nestled at the base of Kangaroo Valley in small village called Cambewarra and consists of 5 stunning acres with various studio locations to suit the mood.  Its been our family home for over 12 years and we open it up to you as you are part of our family as well { well not really – but you know what I mean!}


The magic starts when you enter our long driveway filled with tall trees on either side offering a variety of light and photo opportunities depending on what time of day you come.  This is my view every morning and afternoon walking the boys to the bus stop which is just at the top of the drive.  Tis a hard life…..




“Studio 1”

This is our main “Studio” filled with all the tools of the trade an photographer needs.  Amazing natural lighting- check,   Water lilies – check long water reeds -check and the perfect amount of privacy – check.  If anything you’ll find it hard to leave when the shoot is over.  The photos here are best taken in the late afternoon and you can see some examples below in the gallery.


I hope you saw my 2 co-pilots that enjoy this area immensely and this is where we get the water shots for those dogs that love to dive head first without a care in the world. So if your dog is a diver – bring along a towel……. or 3…………….



“Studio 2”

Our property then breaks off into various paddocks each offering something from long grass to stunning views of Cambewarra Mountain, to thick forrest with light to die for.  Studio 2 is the one we use for morning light as it filters through the trees giving that lovely “Bokeh” look.


Studio 3 

“Studio 3” – Our main yard is where our every day life happens.  Its where I grab the camera and practice on one of the many many subject I have on hand.



Pictures of Studio 4 to come……

SEE – we can make i really easy for you!  just turn up – and make your amazing memories.

Here is a small gallery of images taken at “Wellaway”