Colour me mono project…………

Welcome to my new project that started off by watching a slide show of winners of a recent international photography competition with my son Jack ( aged 11 at the time). He asked the question “What is Monochrome and why do it” and its a great question. Well we know its an image of only 2 colours , but how do you explain to a 11 year old why you would covert an image to Monochrome over color.

For me that was really easy to explain because if you have followed my work over the years you would know that I LOVE B & W grainy grotty images.  Love them.  I dont get to do them a lot for clients as its not everyones cup of tea and I get that. Buts its so mine……

So through this project I hope to show you what I see with monochrome and why I love it when the colour is removed – and then you really get to see the photo for the photo its self without the color taking over.  I plan on having mostly animals but who knows what will pop in from time to time.

I am looking forward to having you along on my journey and please feel free to put comments in the comment box as to which style you like of each image.  Till next time – Happy shooting…….






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