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Welcome to my new project that started off by watching a slide show of winners of a recent international photography competition with my son Jack ( aged 11 at the time). He asked the question “What is Monochrome and why do it” and its a great question. Well we know its an image of only 2 colours , but how do you explain to a 11 year old why you would covert an image to Monochrome over color.

For me that was really easy to explain because if you have followed my work over the years you would know that I LOVE B & W grainy grotty images.  Love them.  I dont get to do them a lot for clients as its not everyones cup of tea and I get that. Buts its so mine……

So through this project I hope to show you what I see with monochrome and why I love it when the colour is removed – and then you really get to see the photo for the photo its self without the color taking over.  I plan on having mostly animals but who knows what will pop in from time to time.

I am looking forward to having you along on my journey and please feel free to put comments in the comment box as to which style you like of each image.  Till next time – Happy shooting…….






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Sorry for the delay in getting these done.  It took a lot longer than what I had planned but really happy with how they came out.  My plan was to put them via facebook and you could download them but that created a whole lot of problems on its own so they are here and if you would like the file email me at info@ontheballphotography.com with the gallery name and image number.  Ill take a few days to get it done but Ill get there.




Goulburn Saturday – Green team

  Goulburn – Sunday Green v Gold


These are some of the Merrimbula shots and they are mainly of jack but there are some of Nugget and his giant he was marking for his mum


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There comes a time when as a photographer you start to yearn for a project to work on that makes you think and gets the creative juices going.  For me, my project was an easy choice.  If you know us personally you know that my son Jack and his little death row rescue dog called Jess have a bond of immeasurable dimensions.  They talk in their own language, sleep together, eat together, play together and generally adore each other.  It really was a case of who rescued who.

In Dec 13  Jack ( who is also my assistant/model/helper) was fighting for his life after being airlifted to Randwick Children’s hospital.  Not to be outdone, Jess was also fighting for her life one year later at the end of 2014 when she took on a large black snake and lived to tell the tale.   Without question Jack pulled through because of Jess and Jess pulled through because of Jack due to many bedside visits from both and the will to live for each other.

So in thinking of a project to do and knowing that I am so eternally grateful to have both of them still here with us , I thought it would be great to do “A boy and his dog….” series where they can be what ever they want to be and we can watch them grow up together.

Jack has full input on what themes we choose and we have some amazing ones coming up that will push my boundaries as a photographer and editor and I look forward to the challenge …………  so please enjoy the first installment of “A boy and his dog…..”



Robin Hood and Friar Pup






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I had a great day out at Shoalhaven All Breeds horse show on May 25th and got some great images.  Before you head off to the galleries please read this post so there is no confusion.  To order you will need the image number so please make a note.  Its has SAB then the number after that I need.

Please check all the galleries as there is a high chance I miss filed a pic or 2.  All of the images you see are UNEDITED.  This means by putting them up I can save about 20 hours work and we now edit the ones that are purchased.  So what you are seeing will be edited to be much nicer and this is the way to get it up and going weeks earlier.  Here is an example of what you see in the gallery and the after edit.



We have on offer digital files which are most popular but we also offer prints as well.  We have our prints done at a professional lab that doesnt distort the colors like places like Harvey Norman do as the photo labs dont have the capacity to print the color range that the camera took the prints in.  I use this lab each week with the greyhound race track photos I do so see the quality week in week out.  Of course you are welcome to print the digital files you get up to 8 x 10 however we will not re edit the images to suit the photo labs so just be aware of that.

With each 8 x 10 print by us we include the digital file as well for you to use however you want ( email, facebook etc) so you get both really.  We also can do anything that you want as far as sizes go ( smaller /larger or canvases) so just email me before your order.

As there are a large number of images we have to remove the gallery some 4 weeks after it goes up to allow for the next event.  The Shoalhaven All Breeds will be removed on July 2nd and all images are deleted then so please order before then as we cant retrieve them once deleted. 



Young Stock Rings

Rings 3 & 4 Lead and Supreme Lead

Rings 3 & 4 Ridden and Supreme Ridden

Other images from the day



order here










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