Meet Us

Hi – thats me  – natalie  <—–   On the way to this page you will have seen that with my style of photography I don’t do weddings, and landscapes and all things serene.  Instead  do – well – Chaos.

Yep, that’s my everyday world and with 2 boys, 5 dogs, 2 ponies, 11 chickens and a property ( plus a few businesses thrown in) my life is one big chaotic ­swirl.  Now before you freak thinking that is not what you want in a photographer to capture your memories, its actually a good thing depending on how you look at it especially in this line of work as if your looking for me its because you won your own little bit of “Chaos”.  Photographing pets and children means I am in very good company and might be why I found my “niche” in photography.  I mean really – I dont photograph anything that stands still……


For me I didn’t have the 2 pretty girls with bow in their long brushed pretty hair , holding hands “Ring around the Rosie” with sun burst flowing from behind.  Oh no, I had you guess it – “Chaos” in the form of 2 Boys.  They are loud, love frogs, enjoy mud and have that boy zest for life. Being are only 15 month apart ensured that they really are seen as double trouble which really goes either way. They are either best friends or worst enemies and nothing in between.

I am thankful for that though as the boys have taught me that you never ever know what going to happen next be it an egg fight in the house or dirt over someone’s head.  Something is always going on and it’s always without question on the move.  I guess that is how I became a master of “anticipation” and why I always get the comment “I can’t believe you got that shot”.  For me I have been doing it in my everyday for over 10 years so I have a feel for what is going to happen next helping to get “that” shot.

I have a diploma in Photography with a heap of high distinctions so that has a bit to do with it as well.   It’s not much point knowing how to anticipate the next move – and not be able to capture it now is it. I have even managed a number of awards with 3 honorable mentions out of the 3 pics entered in the 2013 International photography awards which was pretty cool.  Oh I have been a JP as well for 20 something years so that clears me to work with children as well.

If you wonder how I have that knack of getting the perfect pic time and time again with dogs it would be because I have been a dog trainer and competitor in agility, Obedience, confirmation and endurance with my dogs for over 25 years now including being on the Australian team to represent our great country at the 2012 World Agility Championships in the USA where I got to handle a dog I had only met 5 days before hand.  I also have another hat as the only accredited canine massage therapist in the country and have an internationally best selling book to my name about it.  So you can see why I am able to understand the dogs every move.

Anyway, I look forward to helping you “capture your own moments in time” in your world be it like mine or on the calmer side.  Just contact me ……














Here is my current “pack” with my son Jack.  From L – R  Bug ( Koolie) , Jess ( rescue), Maverick ( Cavalier), Pete ( Rescue) & Ben ( rescue)